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est. 1997 last update 04/21/2006 - ... we made 30 years and still going!!!
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New News

New News
Frankie Onions Breaking News On the Way!!!!
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Click for almost NEW - 25th Reunion fotos

CLICK HERE FOR Frankie Banks & The Romans Photo Tribute Page

STILL ~Under Construction !!!--!The Gene Grillo Roast Page. ! Photos dredged up to remember that classic event. Then we'll have the Joe Schwerdt Roast Page! Stay Tuned for further information...if you dare!!!!

Now that quite a few of us have arrived on the 'net and have found each other (hopefully more will arrive), my scheme for this series of pages is to keep alive the memories of ....
... oh yea, High School. I would like this place in cyberspace to be our hub to reach out and touch each other (no don't touch over there).
Here, we recount favorite stories, like the one about the missing Alter that was found transformed into a transporter console (someone may burn in Hell for that one). We also share what has been going on in our lives for the last 30 years. Inqiring minds want to know.
So here is where I start.....let us see where it it will take us, and for how long....

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New News

{ ..or just Old News}

Frankie Onions
WWOR/Ch. 9's Frank Cipolla was officially inducted into the
Christ the King High School's Hall of Fame, during a ceremony April 9, 2005
in Middle Village, Queens.
Cipolla says the school is also starting a journalism program....

This is the real deal folks.! Frank was Our's first and we have the tapes to prove it.
We have made it to the Big Time... and have we got stories to tell.

>> wrote: " It's finally happened.
Your friend and mine, Frank Cipolla, has be inducted into the
CK Hall of Fame. (Hank the Janitor refused again this year)." >>
Saturday, April 9th 2005 we inducted Frank in a wonderful ceremony of memories.
clik>Photos from the blessed event<clik
This is a first, for this page. I am very pleased to have the honor of officially spreading the news of a wonderful event.
Marriage, Holy Wedlock, that most wedded bliss hath befallen two very special people in our CKCT family.
For any of you that have not yet heard this news.... well here goes. It appears that our good friend Gene Grillo, yes the same Gene Grillo who writes for the hit comedy cartoon "Johnny Bravo". Did you know that ?
Any way, Gene fell in love and got hitched and so did our other good friend Cath Heusel... fell in love and got hitched.
Greatest thing about that is .......they married each other..!!
They have a wonderful story to tell about how this all happened and I would hope they share it here.
I have been promised some exclusive fotos from the ceremony in the Bahamas that I hope to share on a special dedicated page.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Grillo
Our Good friends, Gene and Cath.... :-)
.... stay tuned

Frank Cipolla nominated to the CK Hall of fame.. (..the first time)

< The following came direct from Frank Onions hisself. Although I really can't remember when he said it? >

Old Breaking News !!!!!
At this time there is an partially substantiated rumor that I will continue to spread. Mr. Gene Grillo and Ms. Catherine Heusel are getting hitched. All the details are not in yet, but another moderately reliable source says Cathy and Gene will be tying the knot in the Bahamas this coming July. "Hey its a real life "Harry Met Sally". I don't know whether to laugh or cry."says Tony Mass. The first source for this rumor is Mr. William J. Meany III. That is also Breaking News. It was thought that Bill had fled to Brazil after hosting his last great party at his mother's house. After hosting the "Bill Meany - End Of The Summer Party" in 1989, Bill faded into obscurity. Several years ago an email and snailmail address was found that was believed to be Bill's. But there was never any response to queries to those addresses. At the posting of this News I still do not have a current address for Bill, but he has made contact with several other CKCT members. As far as The Wedding Plans (Gene's not Bill's)... as we get more rumors we will spread them like wild fire.!

Alrighty then!!.. The Gene Grillo Roast Photos have started to appear. The pages are under construction as there are quite a number of fotos that have been dugup. I am having a time deciding which to use. And then of course there are fotos from the Joe Schwerdt roast..ohh faa. STAY TUNED!!
Also Frankie Banks & The Romans Photo Tribute Page.
Fotos from the "Tenth Anniversary Unrehearsed Jam".


My Dear Fellow Alumni, I have the good fortune to tell you that Alan Sporing has been found alive and well. He is working in Manhattan for a scenic company. They build sets for television and theatre. If I'm not mistaken he swung a hammer on a movie or two. I found him using the YAHOO People Search. His sister was listed and I got his phone number from her. I filled him in on a lot of the goings on with the TROOP on the net and he asked that I give everyone his snail address and phone number. He is one of the many who is still a fossil (His Term) that does not use a computer. So write him a letter or give him a call(email Bart or Me if you need or want Animal Al's address & number for Alan's privacy I won't post it here).
Take care, Bart ( AKA Manny)


According to information gathered by one Bartolo Manzella,
Marty "Good, Good" Annunziata has passed from among us.
The details and a short impromptu Obit can be found at Marty's Memorial Page

Just to blow my horn, or get it blown, -whatever-, I have created many of the graphix on these pages.. Thank U.
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Where's Frank Onions,,, click here, Thanks for the Mammories II- Gene Grillo.&.Joe Schwerdt
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"The Frankie Banks & The Romans-Photo Tribute The Gene Grillo Roast Photos
The Schwerdt Family -Tripping USA Marty's Memorial Page
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Share a memory .. everyone has some so share one with us.

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